About Princeton Capital

Based in New Jersey, Princeton Capital LLC is a bank holding company established to recapitalize small and mid-sized mortgage banks in select markets. Princeton Capital intends to help these banks return to profitability by having them originate quality assets through common asset generation platforms and participate in shared services, thereby improving net interest margins while reducing fixed costs. PrinCap also plans to have the banks introduce products and services that significantly increase non-interest income.

Princeton Capital’s operational strategies are to:

  • Acquire controlling interests in, and recapitalize, federal and state-chartered community banks and transform them into profitable entities
  • Form, or invest in, and manage bank holding companies and portfolio investment vehicles to participate in opportunities related to the underlying banks
  • Develop common asset generation platforms that may be used by the recapitalized banks, as well as other banks that may desire to participate, which may be funded by the banks and third-party capital sources
  • Develop significant non-interest revenues through the origination and sale of government-insured or guaranteed assets, including residential mortgage and small business loans
  • Become a leader among community banks by providing outsourced services that they could not otherwise afford to implement on their own due to lack of capital, scale or know-how
  • Build a strong and integrated corporate culture that is guided by a clear mission, fully articulated within a reinforced value system
  • Embrace the highest standards of corporate governance and risk management to minimize loss and reduce execution risk
  • Provide diversified products and services that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our communities and client base
  • Build an integrated operations framework that maximizes efficiencies and enhances earnings

To learn more about Princeton Capital, please contact us.